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We are a diverse and open company and in our field of work, we meet so many partners who we end up working with. The partners that are listed below are some of the companies that we have used. They can simply be described as among the best companies anywhere in the world. They provide quality services and that is the main reason why we engage them. They care so much about their clients. We can summarize them as our kind of people! In case you need any of the services below, you have the right people to work with!

Web Hosting

SiteGround: This company’s philosophy applies entirely to our set up as well as the server technology. We hand pick the software all by ourselves and customize it with innovative solutions. This helps us to come up with extensively efficient server architecture. When you multiply this with our software optimizations that are unique, you will get a hosting backbone other providers deemed to be impossible.

We take how we pick our data seriously. There is a unique way in which our servers are set up as well as 100% dedication of our system administrating teams pay off with great uptime. Moreover, we have come up with a very unique software that greatly inhibits downtime on our servers to a level that has not been seen before.


Needls: This can only be described as a game changer! Their state of the art features will be essential in ensuring that you are armed with all the tools that are essential for the development of your business. It clearly puts into perspective 6 critical questions about your product, services or needs. It comes up with hundreds of ads for you. The ads are the spread out to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

This is responsible for the highly effective advertising that directs clients to your business within a short period of time. Through the identification of your clients as they post their needs and wants on social media, needls adds them to your audience for direct advertising. They simply get better on the fly. This simply translates into a great advertising budget and significant performances.


Infusionsoft: This automation assists greatly in converting engagements into contacts and eventually turning them into clients. With Infusionsoft, you can never be stressed about generating leads that may be important. Moreover, you can easily build relationships and communicate with your audience with personalized, automated follow ups. This is a great way of marketing smarter as opposed to using too much energy.

Infusionsoft is a great avenue that streamlines the methods by which you market to new clients by automating lead capture and follow up. You can easily trigger personalized communication. This can be based on emails that are sent, clicks, opens, form submissions, and payment history. This ensures that messages are sent always on time to the significant client base.


Teamwork Projects: It is responsible for simplifying the collaboration between your team as well as the clients. By using teamwork projects, your team will simply be able to know the way forward in terms of what they are needed to do. They will be able to find out where to look, as well as storing all the information that they require. This applies to all your clients as well.

It does not matter if it’s your head office or the newest lead, the clients as well as your team can keep up with the latest information out there. Information is not just stuck in your computer either. With the assistance of the android, iPhone and iPad apps, the team can carry out tasks wherever they are. It does not matter if it’s on the road, at a workshop, in a garage or a meeting room. The moment you start using Teamwork Projects you will start wondering how you ever survived without it!


Click Funnels: They just set you up, only a few clicks away from an elaborately and uniquely designed website, which is simply beautiful. Because that’s how it should always be! Here is the deal. The era of websites is over. In some markets, the deaths is slow but sure while in others, its already sealed. They are no more!

Yes, that may be the worst news you have heard in a long time. The good news is, just like any other past transformations, there is always a replacement and it’s always better. It’s like when the CDs took over from cassettes, and DVDs took over from the video tapes. Websites are being replaced with what has come to be known as, The Sales Funnel.

To start off, Click Funnels offers clients a trial period of 14 days. This is for all new members and they get a chance to test out this platform before fully committing. Click Funnels have so much to offer to clients. Don’t be the only one missing out!

Business Phone

Grasshopper: This was formed by two ambitious entrepreneurs. Since 2003, it has been essentially active in assisting new businesses. In the beginning, they were just two simple guys with a dream. You will be surprised to know that, they have now served close to 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Their unwavering commitment to help small businesses has never died. They continue to come up with new and improved tools to assist you make an impact in the world.

Clamoring for a local and a national presence? You can be assisted with a toll free local or international numbers to aid in your business. In addition to this, you can add employee or department extensions easily for each member of your team.