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Are you struggling to find a simple means of earning an income or just keep your business afloat? You have come to the right place!

The Affordable Socimax Affiliate Program

How does it work? It’s quite simple!
Just introduce a new customer and you earn a 10% commission. That’s all there is to it. Learning your ABCs was a much harder task!

And It Doesn’t Stop There!

You Not Only Get 10% When Your Referral Buys, You Will Also Continue Getting Paid Each Month They Renew Their Account!

Therefore, this is an ideal program to ensure you earn passive income, especially when you are in need of fast and easy cash. The program is set up in a superb way that lets you earn recurring monthly commissions for each customer that you refer to this page. It can simply be described as a” set it and forget it” path to produce passive income each and every month. You get it don’t you? Keep reading so that you can learn more. You will find out how easy it is to generate capital through this affiliate program.

5 Influential Reasons to Join SociMax Social Affiliate Program Now!

Do you still need more reasons why you should join out affiliate program? Here are more reasons why you are probably missing out on the best program ever.

1. A generous Commission Awaits You

You will be rewarded with $10 for every purchase that we get from your referral. It simply doesn’t stop there,

2. The Commissions are recurring!

You don’t just get rewarded when your referral purchases, you will get the same commission every month they re-subscribe to their account. And it keeps getting better and better! We have an automated billing system, which ensures that you are taken care of in the best possible way. Our rate of retention is among the best because it is very high. Hence, you shouldn’t be shocked if one sale pays for the longest time.

3. We put into use the 90-day cookie.

If the person you referred buys airtime within a 90 days period, the commission on the sale will definitely be yours!

4. The payment occurs on a monthly basis (with a low minimum payout).

To make things much easier for you, your monthly payment is directly sent to your PayPal account. With the super-low minimum payout that is at $10, it doesn’t matter what your earnings are. Even if it is just for that single sale, you will still get it.

5. Passive income is unmatched and ideal.

You can simply sleep and cash is credited into your account. Moreover, you can use this to build your business, spend time with family, or just enjoy your hobbies.

How Does It Work?

The moment you sign up for our Social Affiliate Program, you are given an exclusive affiliate identification. This enables you to access your Affiliate Dashboard.

Here you will come across specially designed links that have a unique tracking code. You can then be able to link your website to ours.

The moment someone clicks on your link to sign up for the social services that we provide, you will instantly earn $10 commission on their purchase. It’s simple as that! Taking candy from a kid can prove to be much harder. Just like we have indicated above, payments will be made into your account as long as they keep paying for their plan.

This is super convenient for a number of reasons

Our affiliate software is set up in a way in which it simply records all the transactions from your site in real time. The impressions made, sales and links, they are entirely tracked at that instant moment. You can log into your affiliate dashboard and see which of your links is performing exceptionally. Your affiliate dashboard is set up in a way that optimizes your site for an all-out sales.

Just See How Simple It Is to Get Started!

1. Sign up Join our Social Affiliate Program simply by hitting the “Sign UP” button below.

2. Link Merge our website from your, social media site, website or even your blog. You will be given a special affiliate link.

3. Earn You will be paid with a 10% commission for all your approved sales that are related to your affiliate links. As long as your referrals stick with us, you will be assured of a monthly payment plan.

4. Relax You can just sit back and relish the monthly passive income that will be coming your way.

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